In preparation for the 1440 (2019) pilgrimage (Hajj) season, the Saudi Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has set up 20 judicial panels to hear cases arising within the holy sites; in addition to 5 mobile notarial offices.

“The ministry uses all its resources to provide justice services for the pilgrimage season, to which the Kingdom devotes its full attention,” said Saad al-Saif, the vice minister and head of the MoJ’s Hajj Committee.

“Justice Minister Waleed al-Sama’ani has urged the panels to be ready well in advance and fulfill all legal procedures within the fully integrated system of government services provided to pilgrims,” al-Saif pointed out.

“The ministry has supported its seasonal panels with qualified staff to decide on the urgent cases of pilgrims, and ensure those cases are sorted out efficiently”, he added.

The MoJ has also been keen to provide mobile notarial units to serve pilgrims during the Hajj journey, especially those who find difficultly with mobility.
“The notarial services will be extended to pilgrims, paramedics and officers serving them; and everyone in the holy places,” al-Saif said. “The assigned staff will visit the person in need of service at his or her exact location.”